Gordy Powell

Business Owner / Entrepreneur 
​AGE: 56
HOMETOWN: Rockmart, Georiga
EMAIL: Gordy@GeorgiaClean.com

About Gordy Powell:  

Gordy Powell entered the victim service industry / Crime, trauma & death scene clean up in June of 1996.  His first company was called Metro Crime Scene Disposal Unit which evolved in into A-1 Bio Clean Service with his business partner was his bride Sheila Powell.  In 2010 Gordy merged his services with that of Todd Reese who owned Sloan Bio Recovery and they both created Georgia Clean and Associates, LLC.  Georgia Clean would fill the need of specialty cleaning to not only include the trauma, crime and death scene cleaning, but would also focus on hoarding clean up, clandestine lab (Meth, Fentanyl and Grow Labs) cleaning as well as medical waste processing services.    

Gordy also founded Red Flag Claims.com which is an independent third party peer review for property losses that adjusters and property management firms use should they have a bill in question.  With forged relationships with insurance adjusters over the years and being seasoned in the bio recovery industry, Gordy would be asked by adjusters across the country to conduct peer reviews on companies that would over inflate their billing.  This lead to founding of Red Flag Claims, that also reviews claims of Fire, water, mold, meth labs, asbestos and roofing claims.  

In Fall of 2016 Todd Reese retired from trauma victim services and Gordy now operates Georgia Clean with Doug Cunningham.  Doug is a former FBI agent who discovered a need and passion to assist families from the other side of the barrier tape.  

In 2016 Gordy and his local business peers across Georgia created and developed the BioPTO.org.  The Bio Professional Trade Organization was created to create an ethical standard of care in the victim services / trauma scene cleanup industry in Georgia.  With seeing and witnessing families being re-victimized by predatory practices, and seeing liens placed on family homes, Gordy could not sit still watching this practice take place by dishonest business owners.  Georgia may soon be the first state in the country to lead an example for other states to follow so that a standard of care can be in place for victims of trauma and death.       

Gordy also held the distinguished position as the Vice President of the ABRA (American Bio Recovery Association) and elected by his peers to serve on their Board of Directors for four years.  ABRA is the governing body over the bio recovery industry and a leader in bio recovery education.

In 2016 Gordy was one of the authors of a house bill in the Georgia Legislation to create a law in Georgia to regulate the crime and trauma clean up industry.  Georgia will be the first state in the country to have such standards.  There are several other states watching Georgia vote on this in 2019 so they can duplicate the process.  This law will license companies in Georgia by the GBI.  A licensed company will have to go through a background check, drug screens and show proper insurance before entering a families home unattended.   

During his term as Vice President of ABRA he was noted for the following accomplishments:

  • ·         To author the” Know Your Rights” work place compliance poster


  • ·         Authoring the contingency insert plan for Emergency Manuals

  •  ·        Having ABRA placed in the front of the phone directories in 13 states

  • ·         Taking ABRA on the road and connecting with service like minded organizations and associations by

                     ABRA attending their trade shows and conferences.  

  •  ·        Creating the ABRA round Table Forum so that ABRA members may have a voice in business 

                    decisions on ABRA

  • ·         Creating , establishing and hand picking the ABRA Ethics Panel

  •  ·        ABRA’s endorsement program and the endorsement seal on products that ABRA credits 

                    worthy and necessary for biorecovery work.

  • ·         Establishing an outline for all Board of Director meetings

  •  ·        Authoring the BOD policy and procedure manual

  • ·         Speaking at select engagements on ABRA behalf to educate like minded organizations

                    and associations about our industry and services

  •           Establishing Biorecovery Awareness Week.  Every first full week of March (March 1-7). 

  • ·         ABRA’s outreach partnership program with NOVA, POMC, International Suicide Prevention, 

                    Peter Crosa, NASRO, 

         Creating ABRA’s BOA                                          

  • Dr. Will Marling                
  • Executive Director of NOVA
  • Peter J. Crosa                    
  • Insurance Consultant
  • Bill Jenkins WBJ Press Author "What to do After the Police Leave"
  • Mike Masterson of ISOTECH Pest Consultant
  • Mathew Dovel Intrrnational Suicide Prevention
  • Dan Levy Parents of Murdered Children
  • Jeffry Stouffer R&R Magazine

In Addition: 
Gordy is one of voices in lecturing and educating organizations on biorecovery and teaching various industries as well as victim support groups of the advantages of having a biorecovery firm on hand.  He speaks at many conferences and trade shows in the remediation and public safety industry.  Gordy’s background is in public awareness, public safety and marketing. 

Authored articles for RandR Magazine:

Gordy was invited to author a chapter to be presented to ANSI, the
American National Standards Institute, to draw up standards in the bio recovery industry.  Gordy held this position for 6 months until he resigned to tend to family matters.    

As a family man he and his wife Sheila have three sons (Jason, David and Joshua) and one daughter (Lauren), two granddaughters and four grandsons,  If you should ask him his passions are, its spending time on their hobby ranch with Sheila, their dog Lt. Columbo and working on their 40 acre property in Rockmart, Georgia.